Redefine the Classroom with Flipped Learning

Flipping the classroom is redefining the traditional classroom structure. Teachers and students can now involve personalization, differentiated instruction, and mastery based learning. In this flipped workshop you will explore the various flipped classroom models and examine the tools to help you flip your classroom.

  1. Learn the basics of flipping the classroom.
  2. Evaluate the various pedagogical approaches to flipping. 
  3. Explore strategies and tools for flipping.

Your Turn To Get Flipped!
Challenges - Pick one and go for it!
  • In a doc, mapping tool (like Coggle), on a piece of paper (take a photo), brainstorm a flipped lesson or unit.
  • Create a screencast for an upcoming lesson.
  • Use one of the web tools below and create a flipped assignment (or part of one) for an upcoming lesson.
  • Share Your Flipped Plan or Creation