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Day 3: Open Mic Sharing
1pm - Auditorium

CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp La Jolla

Join us for three days of hands-on learning and collaborative conversations in beautiful La Jolla. La Jolla or "The Jewel" in Spanish is located 15 minutes from downtown San Diego. Surrounded on three sides by ocean bluffs and beaches, La Jolla is located 12 miles north of Downtown San Diego and 40 miles south of Orange County. With its wonderful beaches, cultural activities and fine restaurants, La Jolla offers fine dining, beautiful beaches, hotels and art galleries. Visit institutions such as the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Stephen Birch Aquarium & Museum. 

June 23-25, 2015
Muirlands Middle School, 1056 Nautilus Street, 
La Jolla, CA 92037

All CUE Rock Star are purposely designed and focused small group events that have three items in common:

Hands-On Learning
All three days consist of two, two-hour sessions allowing attendees to "dig in deep" and really get to know their topic and build resources to use next year.  Morning sessions are repeated in the afternoon so that attendees have two different opportunities to attend a workshop.

Small Presenter to Attendee Ratios
CUE Rock Star events are built so that there is one presenter for every ten attendees and the events sell out at 60-70 attendees.  This allows participants to get hands-on support and learn directly from knowledgeable educators.

Time for Collaboration and Networking
We purposely start late, end early, and take extended lunches so that all attendees have ample opportunities to collaborate and network as part of learning community. 

Lodging Information:
View this map for hotels in the area. CUE is not endorsing or recommending any particular hotel; this is intended for informational purposes only.

Daily Schedule: 
9:00      Coffee
9:30      Shred Sessions
10:00    Session 1
12:00    Lunch/Networking 
2:00      Session 2 
4:00      Closing

Jo-Ann Room 303
Julie Room 305
Leigh Room 307
Dan and Reuben Room 304
Jeff Room 308
Scott Room 403
Adina Room 401
Laura and Alex Room 402
Jen Room 402
Kevin Room 406